User friendly

The Student Portal is available in two different formats aimed at pre-teen and teenage age groups. Users can personalise and customise their portal view by choosing alternative backgrounds and graphics.

Students can access everything they need to know when they’re not in school, from homework and classwork assignments to real-time timetables, seeking assistance, and information or reference materials. Students can view future tasks, work plans, marks, grades, comments on marked work, as well as choosing Activities.

Work assignments and files can be uploaded by students to their teachers, with everything uploaded visible to parents, including progress updates.

Homework workflows made simple

Teachers and administrators create and control student accounts and manage students’ access through the Teacher and Staff portals.

The students’ Homework Buddy and Homework Diary make in-school work and remote homework easy to keep track of and submit when completed.

Parents are always in the loop, with full access to the student work set and the progress made. This helps to remove additional school-parent administration and keeps communication channels open.