Access to key information

School leaders, teachers and support staff can access key information remotely, regardless of time zone or location, as long as they have a web-browsing connection, depending on their appropriate permission levels.

The Portal links directly to the school’s Engage database, providing secure, real-time access (depending on hosting arrangements).

Easy to use

The portal interface is easy to use, meaning staff can get on with attendance marking, report completion and comments, and the logging of incidents or actions for individual students or classes.

Communication flows without the need to be based in school.

Incidents, actions and documents can be set to be viewed by teachers only, or by parents. Notices can be sent and received.

Portal Calendar

The optional Portal Calendar enhances the Portal, enabling internal event planning and oversight across all departments of the school.

  • Multiple users can access one calendar, enabling information sharing across departments
  • Recurring event options can be created for regular meetings
  • Multiple calendars can be viewed in one screen
  • Multiple calendars can be linked to implement automated changes across all
  • Users have the option to Overview or to have detailed information in one click, viewable by day, week or month. Everything can be printed
  • An Agenda screen highlights near future events
  • Import and export functions exist for third party calendars including Outlook, Google and iCal
  • The School Events Calendar can be managed from the Portal