engage 2014.06 school management information systemThe latest version of our Engage school management information system is now available for download from the Double First Support Centre.

The v2015.06 release includes new features and updates to Assessment Reporting, Daybook, Attendance, Parents Evening, Activities, Admin, Fees, Room Booking, Fees, Staff, Pupils, Timetable and Performance Tracking.

 New features and changes include:

  • A new field has been added to both the Session and Class Attendance screens giving individual users the option to display the configured Attendance status colours
  • Parents Evening now includes an additional setup field for Final Confirmation Notices
  • A new Pupils Present count has been added to both the Session and Class Attendance screens
  • The name displayed at the top of the page when viewing Daybook entries for a Pupil has been converted to a hyperlink to load up the Pupils Details if clicked
  • A new Insert Pupil Name field has been added to the Parent Allocation noticing set up screen
  • The process for linking External Marksheet columns to Class Marksheets has now been optimised
  • A new feature has been added to Fees for automatically updating Sibling Discounts
  • New Due Date and Ledger Transaction Description columns have been added to the grid in Analyse Charges and Analyse Invoices within Fees
  • A watermark has been added to Invoices and Receipts when printing from the dummy database

Plus a series of other additions and improvements.

Engage v2015.06 is the latest release from our programme of continual product improvement, to which all existing customers of our school management information system enjoy free access.