Once again, the Support Team offered extended support hours just in case Double First users needed extra help during the Exam Results days.

‘We stayed open, but over two GCSE and GCE days,’ said Carole Denman, Operations Manager, ‘we only received 6 support calls from customers needing help downloading their Results, and one of these was a customer who just needed a reminder of what to do!’

…But We Weren’t Really Needed !

Continuing, Carole added, ‘The other five were due to the Exam Boards changing some UCI numbers on issue of the Results file. So, all in all, another success story for Double First’s celebrated Exam Modules! So in reality, we weren’t really needed.’


‘Congratulations are due to the Development Team,’ added Jeff Elliott, Group MD. ‘With the changes the Exam Boards made to their reporting methods this year, the developers have stayed ahead of the game and produced a problem-free Exams Module.’

The Support Team

Given the recent upsurge in sales of Engage, the company has been taking on even more staff for the support unit. ‘Training over the summer period has been intense,’ said Tania, Support Team Leader, ‘but we have an excellent and capable team.’