Chess tuition with a girlFeeding Forward is a technique not unlike the agile methods we employ here at Engage to develop our school management information system and finance software. In broad terms it suggests you work towards the quality of what you are doing in iterative steps rather than waiting to the end of the task before offering feedback on what just occurred. Or put another way, it’s much more about teaching how you might best employ your next chess moves through the game rather than waiting for checkmate to explain with feedback where it all went wrong.

The first morning of the GSA Deputy Heads & Senior Leaders Conference later this month will feature a feedforward presentation from educational trainer, Dave Taylor, on how it can be usefully applied to good effect in education. He will explain how to use marking and assessment to clearly engage students and direct the next stages in their learning, providing guidance on the impact of assessment routines on students’ motivation, mindset and wellbeing.

Development of school students and pupils through intelligent marking and assessment lies at the heart of Engage Teaching. Our representatives at the conference, Barry Anns and Ben Johnston, will be keen to hear what Dave has to say and to join delegates in the discussion.

Other presentations include Matt Corry from Godolphin and Latymer School, who will explain the Myself-As a-Learner Scale (MALS) mental health and wellbeing tool for students across Key Stages 2-5 and pastoral care expert, Dawn Jotham, who will explore the many facets of childhood exploitation and their impacts.

GSA Deputy Heads is always a great event and we look forward to meeting up with delegates in Leicester on 25-26 February.