About us

Double First Limited, now trading as ‘Engage’, was founded in 1987. The company initially focused on accounts and administration software for independent fee-paying schools in the UK . We recognised in the early 2000s the need for schools to have a much more holistic approach to how they handled data to broaden understanding and optimise operations. This became the launching point of our single platform, multi-faceted Engage school management information system.

More than £7.8m has since been reinvested in the development of Engage to become the most powerful and flexible school MIS solution in the marketplace for independent and international schools. We have pioneered several innovations, from rich data management tools, to the workflow oriented, highly customisable Daybook that has found infinite new applications in recent times with helping schools facing lock-down, remote learning and welfare and back-to-school challenges. At every step we have applied the feedback of schools to take Engage to the next level, keeping it in step with modern educational and real-word demands.

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Every day, we help schools succeed

Education Horizons Group logoHaving become self-funding and continuing to experience rapid growth, the business was de-merged from du Pré in early 2017. In 2019 it underwent rebranding to Engage, a poignant moment recognising that for many our key product was so visible across school communities it had defined our identity.

In a planned succession related to the retirement of our majority shareholder, Double First was acquired by Australia’s leading K-12 software company, the Education Horizons Group (EHG) in 2020, making us a closely integrated part of a leading edtech group serving more than 2000 schools, 1.3m students and 195,000 teachers. In this new relationship we are continuing to invest in Engage, contributing our expertise towards solutions of tomorrow and additionally offering a broad-range of products from EHG to further enhance remote learning, facilities management and collaborative multi-curricula management (including IB).

In the shifting sands of 2020, Engage offers you a firm foundation for your school and a passion for enhancing your ability to holistically develop all pupils and students in your care. EHG’s vision – Every day we help schools succeed – summarises our guiding light over the past 33 years and our absolute focus for those we serve, now and in the future.

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