After an extensive assessment of providers of Management Information Systems (MIS), the Harrow Family of Schools has selected Double First Engage for its schools in Beijing, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

The decision was made following an investigation at schools using a variety of school management software providers to understand which was the best fit for Harrow. A number of schools were visited before the decision to select Double First Engage was made.

The Harrow Family of Schools choosing Engage comprise Harrow International School Beijing, Harrow International School Bangkok and the unopened Harrow International School Hong Kong.

Double First Engage was installed at Beijing during the summer break in preparation for the new academic year and all key staff have been trained in its use. The data from their previous system has already been migrated into Engage.

Omar Fall, Head of ICT at Beijing, has worked closely with Double First staff during the implementation.

“The planning and project management has been very, very good. We have worked closely with the Project Management team throughout installation and all the steps given were very clear and each was then kept to.”

“When Double First say they will do it, it gets done as expected and on time,” Omar summarised.

One of the reasons the schools selected Double First Engage was to ensure a single system across all schools could manage data at a group level.