engage school management system release 2019 01One of many popular features within our our Engage school information management system is the Daybook Marker system that is available in the Portal. These Markers allows any Daybook type to have an icon shown next to a Pupil or Student name when something is logged against them.

Working in response to school feedback, we often enhance features such as these as a part of our programme of continuous improvement. The Engage 2019.01 release adds a link to the information displayed when hovering over the Marker icon. If clicked, it takes you directly to the Daybook item, making it very quick to access further information and attachments that are stored against the record.

Other changes in the 2019.01release include:

  • Removal of the lock manager system from Daybook Markers in the Portal, enabling multiple users to work on allocations at the same time
  • Improvement of GDPR compliant handling of financial data by being able to set specifically how long the data is held for
  • An upgrade to the process that issues receipt numbers in Fees.

All school customers of Engage have access to regular new releases through the Support Centre, while our cloud-based customers will be notified of their upgrade-path. Software releases are included as a part of the total service that Engage offers its schools, enabling us to stay at the forefront of latest educational and administrative demands.

Look out for further release news here and on the Double First Support Centre.