The staff at Double First Ltd is celebrating what was clearly the most successful year in its history.

Ever since Double First began developing school management software for student information in 1987, the company has worked hard to create a software which fully encompasses schools’ needs.

2009 has proved the success of Double First’s endeavours.

With an additional 58 new schools in 2009 using Double First’s Engage school software, and with many more schools choosing to upgrade their student information systems to Engage, the team is now seeing the fruits of its hard work from recent years.

Richard Jones, Sales Director at Double First, explained the reason for the recent surge in demand. “We spent a long time listening to exactly what schools wanted from effective school management software and we’ve developed exactly that,” he said.

Richard continued, “With Engage, schools in the UK and overseas can feel comfortable that the system they’ve installed meets their needs perfectly, whether that’s for a UK-based school, or an International school needing to produce local ministry reports or the ability for school staff to enter comments in their own language – Engage handles all international characters including Arabic, Cyrillic and Han.”

Recent new customers range from small UK Prep Schools to large International schools such as the Phuket International Academy. Furthermore, many school groups, such as CfBT and Cognita, chose to install Engage in 2009.

Piers du Pré, Group Chairman, was thrilled with the news. “It has been very hard work for everyone in the company. The fruit is starting to be seen, and it’s amazing to think of where we’ve come from and what we’ve gone through. The latest version of Engage is simply stunning and firmly places itself as the market leading school management system.”