Double First Ltd is proud to announce that Cognita, after significant research into school Management Information Software, has chosen the Engage MIS software for its schools in Singapore and Spain, from Double First Ltd.

Furthermore, the Phuket International Academy in Thailand has also chosen Engage for its school-wide system, recognising Double First Ltd as the most suitable MIS provider for its school.

The decision to install Engage is another step for Double First Ltd which is now seeing schools throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Far East using its flagship software product, Engage, designed purely for independent fee-paying schools.

Group Engage

Being a group of schools, Cognita has selected the Group Engage version of the software which fits perfectly with the nature of the organisation. This provides a dashboard view of all locations within a school group and allows complete control from a management level.

Customer Comments

Mr Andrew Savin, Head of ICT for Cognita, explained the reason for choosing Double First.

“After a thorough selection process, we chose the Engage software as it fully met the requirements of Cognita,” he said. “I believe there will be considerable benefits using Engage software, and these benefits will be felt both by us in the UK and by the schools in Singapore and Spain,” continued Mr Savin.

Mr Len Peters, Administration Director for the Phuket International Academy, said, “We spent some time investigating other systems for our particular needs. Engage looks to be well suited for us, is eminently powerful, flexible and customisable.”

Continuing, Mr Peters said, “We were also particularly impressed with the timetable module and hope this most important component of our school will be well served with a seamless integration with the Engage school database software.

In the end, the level of support and professionalism we met from all we spoke with from Double First, including the online demo and the field demonstration, provided the confidence we needed to proceed with the purchase.”

Commitment to Independent Fee-Paying Schools

Richard Jones, Group Sales Director, commented, “Increasing numbers of school groups are choosing Engage by Double First for their school-wide Management Information Software, and this is often a reflection of the commitment to Independent, fee-paying schools we’re able to provide.

“Double First provides users with the freedom to run their school, their department, their class, with full confidence that the information needed is at their fingertips.”

About the Cognita Group

Cognita was formed in 2004 and employs over 2000 teachers in 46 schools across their UK and International Fee-Paying Schools in Singapore and Spain. There are over 14,500 students on the roll of these schools. The schools fit a broad profile, including Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools.

About Phuket International Academy

Based in Thailand, and providing an experience-centred education for a diverse community, the Phuket International Academy is an aspiring school offering education to students from all over the world. The school educates children from Nursery and Kindergarten through to Secondary School.