Scottih flag overlaid on Engage facetsEngage is delighted to announce that it is actively seeking to work with Scottish independent schools, following a decision to specifically support Scottish exam formats for the coming academic year.

“I am pleased to announce that we are now going to be working in the Scottish independent school sector,” says Barry Anns, Chief Executive Officer of Engage. “Engage provides a fully integrated way of managing academic, administrative and finance functions, enabling schools to focus on their core objectives of teaching and learning.”

With nearly 600 schools worldwide across 60 countries already using Engage, the MIS and its fully integrated financial systems already offer a very wide range of benefits for independent schools in Scotland. Support for Scottish exams formats will be included in the September 2020, making it a perfect fit for schools following Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) together with broader curricula and extra-curricula activities.

Barry Anns adds: “I took particular notice at the recent ISBA 2019 conference that many Scottish school bursars were frustrated with the restricted choice of systems in the marketplace. Engage offers an alternative that brings the whole school together in a flexible, innovative, multi-faceted feature set, ensuring that parents and teachers have access to everything they need in one place. This enables schools to meet their objectives and assists them in delivering the best possible educational outcomes for children. I believe that Engage is perfect for the Scottish independent school sector and we very much look forward to working with schools and groups there in the months and years ahead”.