Some 27 years ago our fledgling team set up base at Double First House in Yeovil.

Since then we have created Engage, developed our school management information system, attended hundreds of conferences and seminars and established a team working to provide the best support to schools all over the world.

We love Somerset and we are happy to be staying in the growing business community of Yeovil. Our new home is now at the Yeovil Innovation Centre; a collaborative space designed to inspire entrepreneurship, growth and innovation.

We have been working hard behind the scenes and while the Covid19

restrictions have prevented us from being able to fully move all of the staff into the new offices we look forward to now using our new home.

You can now find us at: Double First Ltd, Yeovil Innovation Centre, Copse Road, Barracks Close, Yeovil BA22 8RN


Double First House handover Mark Tucker Ron Racher

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