Double First Ltd is delighted with the recent decision by the Park House English School in Qatar to select Engage by Double First as their school-wide Management Information Software.

Park House, with around 1,000 students, represents one of the latest schools to select Double First in Qatar while the company continues to establish a significant presence with its school management software in Middle East schools.

Engage MIS selected over competitors

Prior to selecting Engage by Double First Ltd, Park House English School considered other software options and looked at installing an update to their existing software. However, on seeing Engage by Double First, a decision was made to switch to a brand new system.

Niall Brennan comments

Speaking about the recent decision, Niall Brennan, Director for Park House English School, said, ‘Engage by Double First is the cutting edge in total information management for schools.

‘We have chosen Engage because it is a well thought out, easy to use, comprehensive system that will not only streamline administrative processes but give us access to all our school information, inputted once only.’

Niall continued, ‘It will enable us to track and assess our students efficiently, therefore maximising the value of the education that we provide.

‘Double First’s management team is a lean and efficient no-nonsense group of professionals. Their implementation team provides a seamless and painless transition process, allowing the school to focus on the education of our children.’

Piers du Pré comments

Piers du Pré, Group Chairman for Double First Ltd, was particularly pleased with the decision by Park House. ‘Meeting with Niall Brennan was a real delight and it’s a joy to see how the software will make such a difference in the school.

‘The Support Team is fully geared up for the installation and we’re looking forward to supporting Park House through every step of their usage of Engage.’

The Park House English School Millennium Tapestry

In 1999, and in addition to selected schools from all over England, Park House English School was honoured and privileged as the only overseas school to be invited to contribute to the Millennium Tapestry Display in the Millennium Dome in London.

Each school was to make a ‘tapestry’ measuring 3 feet by 3 feet and send it to London where it would be displayed for all the world to see at the turn of the century.

The staff and students were fiercely enthusiastic and selected the theme ‘Park House English School in Qatar’. Staff and parents got together and came up with great ideas to make a memorable tapestry.

It took several weeks to complete and every child in the school at that time, contributed to the end product. It was truly a Park House effort.

Millennium Tapestry at Buckingham Palace

The finished tapestry went off to England and was displayed beside all the others in the Dome, making a spectacular sight for all to see. Subsequently, the Park House tapestry was selected to be displayed at Buckingham Palace.

Park House is very honoured to have photographs of Queen Elizabeth II at the display, and to have a letter from Buckingham Palace thanking them for taking part.

Several months later, the tapestry was returned to Park House English School in Qatar, and is now framed and hanging proudly in the entrance hall.