Payroll RTI Real Time InformationResponding to the latest rules in the UK regarding the need for all employers to post payroll information in real time each month Double First is set to relaunch its Payroll application in February 2013.

The UK HMRC is introducing Real Time Information (RTI) electronic posting of PAYE payroll information from 6 April 2013 and virtually all employers, including schools, will need to comply by that date. It will be essential to use compliant software or a payroll bureau in order to file the required information with HMRC.

Double First Payroll is a trusted method of paying teachers and school administrative staff and is used by many bursaries throughout the UK and in the Middle East. Its features are closely tailored to the independent school market.

We are now in the final stages of testing the relaunched product to include full RTI capability. As with all other products in the range existing licence holders with a current support agreement will be able to obtain this update free of charge. HMRC has comprehensive information on the forthcoming changes and Double First will be offering implementation advice on its Support Centre.