The combination of these two immensely powerful tools, Engage Analytics and Power BI, enables you to plumb the very depths of any and all data stored within Engage, presenting fresh, responsive reports and displays, allowing target and forecast monitoring and at-a-glance assessment with full drill-down capability.

Visualisations can be shown in many formats, including graphs, charts, maps and tables, all with the ability to add filter upon filter for constructive scrutiny.

Microsoft Power BI is an exciting Business Intelligence tool and can be used singly or collaboratively, transforming data into stunning visuals, enabling exploration and analysis of data in customised dashboards and reports.

Access to Power BI is available free of charge to all schools using Engage Analytics and a single Power BI user licence direct from Microsoft is free of charge.

From data to insight

For a school to make sound decisions, it’s vital to be able to analyse data and turn it into valuable knowledge.

Using Engage Analytics with Microsoft’s Power BI enables a school to present compelling insights from which objectives can be achieved.