SMS text school management information systemWorking in response to demand from schools Double First is in the final stages of developing fully integrated SMS capabilities for its Engage school management information system.

Schools have been increasingly using text messaging as a key method of communicating with parents, both for emergency situations but also for routine messages. Engage will feature the ability to text individuals, or groups selected by a wide range of parameters.

Feature highlights will include:

  • All mail merge templates can be sent as the body of a personalised text message to single or groups of parents, pupils and staff
  • Quick impersonal messages can be sent to single or groups of parents, pupils and staff
  • SMS can be sent to parents quickly and individually from the contacts area
  • Certain absence types (set by the school) in attendance marking can trigger an SMS to be sent either automatically on taking attendance or at a set time in the day

The Engage SMS solution will include a service provider that can work in each of the countries in which we operate and competitive pricing for texts. You’ll have a single point of contact with Double First to manage your account.

Look out for the launch with the September 2015 release.