After an extensive and in-depth evaluation, Engage International has been chosen by St Christopher’s School in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to replace their existing Management Information System (MIS).

Ed Goodwin, Principal of the growing 2,200 student school, said, ‘Although we have been operating with a well-known MIS for two years or more, we needed a system which was far more integrated as well as being able to run our fees.

‘Engage brings everything together and will do exactly what we need.’

Engage Replaces an MIS and two other systems

St Christopher’s has been using one main MIS, a separate application for Timetable, and yet another for external examination management, both historic and current. Engage will replace all three systems.

‘The benefit of Engage is that it provides the functionality required to replace all three systems,’ said Piers du Pré, ‘and the International version provides every additional feature required in an International, British curriculum school.’

St Christopher’s School

St Christopher’s is internationally renowned, with students from over fifty nations aged between 2 and 18 years old. The senior school is located in Isa Town, whilst the magnificent new Junior school is in Sar, having been completed in late 2005.

British Schools in the Middle East (BSME)

Ed Goodwin is the Chairperson of the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME), a thriving organisation with over 70 member schools located in 13 countries in the Middle East.

BSME is one of the largest organisations for British Curriculum schools in the World, educating over 60,000 children and employing over 5,000 teachers.

Excited and Delighted

Darren Benson, St Christopher’s IT Manager, added, ‘We are excited at the prospect of having access to functionality that is absent from our current MIS solution.

‘For example, our Examinations Officer is delighted that we can wave goodbye to our exam-entry invoicing headaches. Also, given Engage’s full integration, timetable versions will not be scattered in various folders on a Desktop; Heads of Department will have convenient access to departmental assessment data; and improved email communication to our students and parents can all happen within Engage.’