Stephanie recently joined Double First as an Account Manager to help cope with the growing demand for the company’s range of software for Independent Schools.

Graduating from University in 1997, Stephanie worked successfully for a well known leading Educational ICT provider, and brings a wealth of understanding of schools and their processes.

‘Having sold Adminsitration, Accounts and Management Information System software to schools for the last four years, I was hearing more and more about Engage and wanted to find out what it was all about.’

On seeing the power of Engage, Stephanie was impressed. ‘What I saw was a really excellent product, years ahead of anything on the market. Powerful, yet intuitive to use. And quite apart from Engage, the Double First Accounts, Administrator and Payroll products, and their development plans, were so exciting.’

A Mature Product

Although a new product (launched in 2005), Stephanie is convinced Engage is mature.

‘I have no doubt the product is now mature. It has been in use for over a year and gone through all the trauma any new software product endures when it is first placed in the field.

‘Now, especially as v2.05 demonstrates, we can confidently say the early adopter stage is well behind us – it’s history.’

The Future

Stephanie looks forward to meeting many customers, and will be hosting Seminars and User Group meetings in the near future.

‘I know we have a suite of proven world class software. I’m really looking forward to being part of Double First’s future.’