Doha and Back Street Child United week 1What an incredible week for the Engage team’s Doha and Back challenge for Street Child United. After just seven days of walking and cycling virtually through the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Overnight we entered  Boznia and Herzegovina with a weekly tally of 2.8m steps equivalent and 1231 miles.

So what does that all mean? Our team of 32 volunteer walkers and cyclists will complete this challenge in just over nine weeks instead of 12 at this rate and our new company headquarters at Yeovil will hove into view before May. That leaves us needing to raise our £10,000 target even more quickly though so all focus this week will be on finding more supporters for this great cause.

Our sincere thanks to the 48 supporters who have donated more than £1300 so far.

You can now publicly view our progress here:

To support street children and encourage us along our 11,380-mile journey please visit:

Now onwards to Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey! have a good week everyone.