Engage School Management Information System Daybook Body MapDouble First has been extremely busy with its programme of continual improvement for its Engage education management information system over the summer months.

Releases have been made in July, August and September with changes made in response to feedback from user groups and directly from schools. 

The releases contain major new features like enhanced Lesson Planning capabilities and flexible user defined Daybook templates as well as a series of smaller improvements and enhancements.


Here is a selection of the new features available:

  • Lesson Planning functionality has been expanded – a series of major enhancements have been made including the ablilty to customise Lesson Information and Assignment panels (v2013.09)
  • Daybook Templates are new user created templates that hold any information desired within the Daybook (v2013.08)
  • A new Body Map tool allows teachers to record the specific location of injuries in Daybook Templates (v2013.08)
  • Flexibility of permissions for Portal Admin pages has been improved (v2013.08)
  • Fees now handles HSBC Hong Hong Direct Debit formats (v2013.08)
  • Pupil nationality and English as a second language can now be set as markers within the Portal (v2013.07)
  • New tools enable teaching assistants and additional tutors to be more easily assigned to pupils (v2013.07)
  • Security options for Virtual Marksheets have been made more flexible (v2013.07)
  • Additional summary information has been added to the Exam Broadsheet Report (v2013.07)

Customers can obtain these new features, plus the other summer enhancements and improvements for free by downloading the latest v2013.09 desktop app and Portal releases along with accompanying release notes from the Double First Support Centre.

New report suite

A new suite of streamlined and improved reports is available and recommended for use with the v2013.09 releases. This package is also available from the Double First Support Centre.