climbing a hill assisted by person at top, signifying Engage Account reviewWe work hard to understand how the experiences of all our schools using Engage, understanding that each school we work with has specific requirements in order to deliver their programmes of academic excellence and holistic development.

As part of our endeavours, we offer all customers a full review of their account with us, conducted by our dedicated Engagement Officer, Andrea Yates. 

The review covers:

  • Checking you are benefiting from the latest product versions and upgrades
  • Ensuring you are accessing and using the Support Centre to find and request any necessary support
  • Updating your licence to adequately cover your student numbers
  • Checking the modules within your package to ensure your school is accessing and getting all the benefits of each module
  • Identifying where there are training requirements for new staff, refreshers for more experienced colleagues or identifying gaps in Engage knowledge at your school
  • Exploring how we can help improve your experience of the Engage MIS

To obtain an Account Review, please contact our Engagement Officer, Andrea Yates to arrange a convenient time for a call.