Engage Timetable for schools on Pupil PortalOur Engage school management information system is subject to a continual enhancement through the efforts of our in-house development team and informed by our customers preferences via our Share Ideas portal

Among recent improvements, we have further expanded the capabilities of Engage’s fully integrated school timetable module to enable closer integration with other systems. We recognise that timetabling is one of those specialist areas where no two schools are quite the same in terms of the way they wish to organise it, or run their day.

Our new integrations include:


  • A new link using csv files
  • Engage can pass pupil / student information to Edval and can Import Timetables and Pupil Class Allocation


  • Untis is a new link using an XML import format to bring in Timetable information

Timetabling Solutions

  • The link has been updated to export student information and import timetable information including Pupil Class Allocation
  • It uses csv files

Linking of Timetable solutions is made possible by ensuring there are matching codes for Staff, Rooms and Classes in both systems. This way you get the rich functionality of the Engage school management system, but with the ability to interract with specialist Timetabling products if required, offering the best of both worlds.