Microsoft Power BI logoEngage is enabling the use of Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence) for its schools, taking Engage Analytics within its fully integrated school management information system to a significantly new level by giving the user the most powerful toolset with which to analyse their Engage data.

How can Power BI benefit you and your school?

Using Power BI, you are able to turn your Engage data into valuable information, knowledge and insight, from which sound decisions can be made. Presentation can be in many formats, including Graphs, Charts, Maps, and Tables, with the ability to add filter upon filter with drill down capability. Using Power BI’s ability to examine hundreds of data sources, you can design your own reports to suit your needs. Alternatively, if you want Engage to create a report, just raise a Case in the Support Centre and you will receive a quotation.


Deploying Power BI

Engage is releasing a new Data Connector to link Power BI with Engage. The basic Power BI tool for Desktop can be downloaded free of charge direct from Microsoft. To use Power BI with Engage, you need Engage’s new Data Connector. More information on Power BI, its licensing and feature options, is here.

For more information on Engage and Power BI contact the Support Team or complete our Contact Form below.